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See you in next September, 2017 !
2016.11 "Carrying Stones" in Busan!

We did "Street Performance" in Busan.
It's very excitement !
Please watch !

The report of Busan performance. by Takumi Harada

We just had AMA performance “Carrying Stone” in front of Library in Seomeon, Busan at 21st Nov.. This is organized by Theater Playground Shiim and subsidied by Busan Art Council.
Performers from 7 cities, Busan, Tegu, Bangalore, Taipei, Shanghai, HongKong, Tokyo , carried memories, hopes and resistances in pavement, and went into car road.
We stopped traffics and with understanding and acceptance of Bus and Car Drivers, performance could stand unti end.
We all thanked them.
And we also thank to Theater Playground Shiim, supporters, all the staffs and especially audiences for them watching us under cold sky.

At that time, Busan has been swinging for demonstrating against Paku President.
So, we decided to make small performance at 19th Nov. when big demonstration was held, neaby demonstrating area.
The reaction of audience surrounding was very warm and energetic.
Thank you!

2016.9 Thank you for coming !  We finished sussefully.
We are glad to be able to get the high evaluation on these 2 works, which is totally different works on the contents and style, from lots of audience.
Asia meets Asia 2016ー
Asia 6 Cities Collaboration

September 9-11./ BankART NYK Studio
・”Unbearable Dreams 9〜Anyway”
・”Unbearable Dreams 10〜One thousand and One Night”

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2016.4 Upload : Review of "Unbearable Dreams〜Somewhere"
      by Hiroyuki Takahashi.

2015.9 We postpone our collaboration performance of this year to the next year.
In this year, we will have workshop and small productionl
We hope to see you in our new production next year




Uploaded : Video Youtube

2010 Asia 7 Cities Collaboration ”Unbearable Dreams5〜Return”  5:30

2011 East Asia 4cities Collaboration "LuXin Madman's Diary"
東アジア4都市共同公演”魯迅・狂人日記”(Tagtasフェスティバル参加) 4:40min

2012 Asia 7 Cities Collaboration”Unbearable Dreams6〜Hope" 12:00min

2013 Asia 7 Cities Collaboration ”Unbearable Dreams7〜Nowhere” 17min

2014 Asia 7 Cities Collaboration ”Unbearable Dreams8〜Somewhere” 3min

Recent Works
2014 Asia tour 3  Tokyo- Busan

2013 Asia tour 2  Tokyo-Bangalore-Yogyakarta

2012   Asia tour 1   Tokyo-Taipei-Hong Kong-Bangalore

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Archana Kumar, India
Mahoumd Salimi, Afghanistan
Zhao Chuan, Shanghai
于玲娜 Yu Ling Na
王墨林 Mo-lin Wang
湯時康 Tong Sze Hong