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For promoting Asian contemporary theatre, the Asia meets Asia would like to formally issue invitation to theatre companies and individual artists in joining the theatre festival in Tokyo from 17 to 23 Oct. 2005.

The executive committee of this biannually-held festival is self-organized by artists. It is non-profit-making activities, aimed for realizing artistic self-autonomy. 

The event of Asia meets Asia is to provide its participants with an opportunity to meet fellow artists, to present and see performances and to exchange artistic ideas with each other. The festival is paving ground for a network of Asia meets Asia artists to be formed in the near future, thus to create further intercultural collaboration of theatrical arts. We would like to put forward a question of how to be of multicultural coexistence to the whole world through activities of Asia meets Asia.

The festival is held in every two years in Tokyo. In the past, we had collaboration projects mostly in between festival years. 13 countries have participated in the festival so far. The countries are South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Iran, Malaysia, Philippines, Iraq, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. Besides Tokyo, the festival has also been held in other Asian cities: Sendai, Hong Kong and Taipei.

The last festival, we focused on presenting contemporary theatres from Islamic countries. The rendezvous in Tokyo in 2005 is intended for artists gathering from far sides of the grand Asian neighborhood. Shifting away from featuring firm concepts on particular civilizations, we attempt to illuminate fragmented kaleidoscopic Asian phantasmagoria of arts.

Asia meets Asia 2005 invites artists from Afghanistan, Assam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Mindanao, Taiwan, USA, and Vietnam. Afghanistan and Central Asia are from the world of ancient Silk Road cultural connection. While in another world of Southeast Asia, extensive networks of trading routes among people of Angkor Empire and Srivijaya Empire existed from 7th century to the period of European colonization. The networks extended even further to Sulu Sea regions. The Mindanao, Cambodian and aboriginal Taiwanese are from missing links of indigenous cultures being re-puzzled. Their indigenous performing arts are living treasure which provide them with means of re-discovery of their cultural cousins or even twins. They have spent decades to research and restore their indigenous performing arts. The gcousinsh met in a recent workshop for the first time, and enjoyed mutually enriching their vocabulary of physical languages.

In continuation of collaboration performances by Asian artists for the gUnbearable Dreamsh program, we have new comers to join from Diaspora Asia, Bangladesh and Assam in addition to the original participating countries.



Schedule@October 17-23, 2005



2005 October @ @ @ @ @
@ @ 16:00 17:30 19:00 20:30 @
yPlaceFProto Theaterz @ @ @ @
@ 17imonj @ @ Symposium @
@ 18ituej @ @ Workshop @
yPlace:Azabu die pratzez @ @ @ @ @
A@Program 19(wedj @ @ Performance W   free talk
B  Program 20(thuj @ @ Performance X Performance W free talk
21ifrij @ @ Performance A    Performance B@ free talk
C@Program 22isatj @ Performance Y Performance B Performance C free talk
23isunj Performance Z Performance C Performance A Farewell Party


Production & Participants
@ @ @ @
A:@ Beyond the Mirror Exile Theatre Afghanistan
Bond Street Theatre USA
B: OMUR - Lifec. Bishkek City Drama Theatre@ Kyrgyzstan
C Reviving subalternity@ Sovanna Phum Company @ Cambodia
Integrated Performing Arts Guild@@ Mindanao
Waterfield Theatre Taiwan
W Unbearable DreamsR Asia meets Asia Collaboration Project No.S
A The Oil Field II@ Imageopera Tokyo
B Team Tapas@ Tokyo
C  [rest/labor] @ CUATRO GATOS Tokyo
@ @


A@Program 19(wedj advance 2,000@
on the day 2,500@
student&foreigner 1,500
B@Program 20(thuj/21ifrij advance 3,000
on the day 3,500
student&foreigner 2,500
C@Program 22isatj/23isunj advance 4,000
on the day 4,500
student&foreigner 3,500
Free Ticket for all events \7,000
Symposium 17imonj \1,000
Workshop 18ituej \1,000
additional ticket for 1 performance \1,000


Proto-Theater Tel&Fax 03-3368-0490
E-mailF proto@pop16.odn.ne.jp
Asia meets Asia office Tel&Fax 03-3360-6463
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