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Artists Profile
from Seattle
Ying Zhou (o) is a choreographer, dancer, improviser, who moved to US in 1998 from China after graduating from Being University. She performs with various dance companies, and her own works has been selected to perform at On The Boards and Velocity Dance Center, two major performing arts venues in Seattle. She studied modern dance at University of Washington. Her works are deeply influenced by contact improvisation. She has also performed and taught in Beijingfs renowned North Theater and Beijing University. Ying has a long time affiliation with the Drama Society of Beijing University. She recently created two new works for the group in autumn 2004. @
Archana Kumar is a professional dancer in couple of classic Indian dance forms. She performed widely in India with STEM, a dance company that explores the fusion of classic Indian dance and modern dance. Since moving to Seattle in 2000, she started studying modern dance and improvisation. She teaches Kathak in Seattle and her works has been performed at On The Boards in Seattle. @
Title: Innocence
Created by Ying Zhou
Performed by Archana Kumar and Ying Zhou
Performed at 12 Minutes Max, On The Boards, Seattle, USA
May 23, 2004
(To learn more about 12 Minutes Max at On The Boards, go to
http://www.ontheboards.org/index.php?id=18&nav=c2 )

Innocence is 12 minute in full length. The video clip is the last part of
the piece, about 3 minutes. The piece is based on personal experience as a
married woman from the East. The relaxed attitude over sexuality in the US
is completely new to us. The taste of bodily based pleasure is thrill yet
confusing. In this piece, our bodies become the battle field of cultural
conflicts. The piece shows our confusion, hesitation, enjoyment, and efforts
to make peace with old and new (original and immigrating) social moralities.
Manh Hung Nguyen Graduated in University of Fine Art, in Hanoi. He is a visual artists and active in performance arts. He joined NIPAF & TIPAF in Japan & Taiwan.
Hung does music too; he is a key member of an experimental music group in Hanoi, the Nowhere Folk, which published CD. He did sound tracks for feature film, he went to Bangkok & Sydney to work on film sound tracks in 2002.
Recently, he played music with Robin Rimbaud of the music group the Scanner (www.scannerdot.com).
Hung is a young, promising, avant-garde artist of Vietnam, seeking international experience to cooperating with foreign colleagues.
Le Vu Long
Long is a choreographer of Vietnam Opera & Ballet.
He formed contemporary dance troupe, gTogether Higherh in 2002, which did the first ever contemporary dance show in Hanoi 2003. They have members of hearing impaired people together with professional trained dancer. In 2004, they performed in Fringe Festival of Bangkok & festival in Hue. The troupe went to Dance Theatre Workshop of New York, in 2004 for experimental work, titled: gEnemy/territoryh.
Long has various overseas experiences like worked with Bernadette Tripier, Phillippe Cohen and with companies of Compagnie Coline, Ballet Prejlocaj and LfOpera de Maseille, in the organization of Vietnam Ballet. Also, did works for films in Vietnam.

There is video clip available to watch a duo works in the web.
click programs---click Mekong----click video gallery—click research : video gallery---click Vietnam Opera Ballet, Le Vu Long
titled: B[Enemy/territoryBA.
Long has various overseas experiences like worked with Bernadette Tripier,
Phillippe Cohen and with companies of Compagnie Coline, Ballet Prejlocaj and
LBbOpera de Maseille, in the organization of Vietnam Ballet. Also, did works
for films in Vietnam.

There is video clip available to watch a duo works in the web.
click programs---click Mekong----click video galleryBFclick research : video
gallery---click Vietnam Opera Ballet, Le Vu Long
from Bangladesh
Kamaluddin Nilu He is the artistic director of CAT , a repertory company in Bangladesh. A very seasoned international theatre artist who did many international
collaborations, his company join the last festival.
More Infomation
Md. Belayer H. Khan He is dance artist and choreography instructor for Bangladesh Shilpakola Academy and Jago Art Center. He is also doing dance training for CAT.
from Assm, Northeast India
RABIJITA GOGOI She is from Assam, Northeast India, a cultural minority. She is an artistic
director of Jirsong Theatre, which dedicates to develop interest and concept
of theatre among ethnic minorities. She did post-graduate studies in
National School of Drama, New Delhi, on directing and design.
Gogoi spent two years in researching of Rare Art Forms of ethnic minority
groups in Assam, supported by Department of Culture fellowships.

Born in Diphu , Assam .
Graduated in Political Science from Guwahati University in 1993,
Holds a post graduate Diploma in Dramatics with specialisation in
Design and Direction in 1997 from National School of Drama.

Major Theatre directions
1. 'Dhruvaswamini' in 1998(in Hindi), New Delhi
National School of Drama Repertory Company Production
Playwright: Jai Shankar Prasad.
Direction for Jirsong Theatre
2. 'The Dumb Waiter' in 1999, (in Hindi) , New Delhi
Playwright: Harold Pinter
3.'Debi Peether Tez'
Scripted, designed and directed on basis of a novel by Jyanpeeth Award Winnie Dr. Mamoni Raisom Goswami in 2000.
4.'Rongpharpi Rongbe'- a play in Karbi Language in 2001.
5.Mrytyur Dath Cha
Based on J.M. Synge's The Riders to the Sea in 2002.
6.Nikhar Ragini
Translated, designed & directed French playwright Marguerite Duras's eLa usica in 1999.
7.Toru Debi, Mrs Choudhary, Ma, Jamuua and Gabharu in 2001
8.' Thong Nokbe '- a play in Karbi Language in 2002
9. Gaatha – the 1st text
A collaborative work with Dilip Tamuli (instolation and theatre performance) in 2003 e.t.c.
10.Jatra Subha Houk
11.'Junak Tumi Annanya' (A children play)
Written by earlier mentioned Basanta Das in June July 2001.
12. Nisheli – a full length play in Nagaland

Theatre organizer
Artistic Director of the theatre organization known as Jirsong Theatre since 1995 and have been involved in developing interest and concept of theatre among the ethnic minority groups specially among karbis of Assam. As a part of her approach to work with ethnic minorities since 1999 she has been working with Karbis and staged Karbi plays like 'Rongpharpi Rongbe' and ' Thong Nokbe '.
Participation in Theatre Festivals
The production Rongpharpi Ronbe had invited and staged in prestigious National Theatre Festival in New Delhi 2001 and in Karbi cultural festival Diphu in 2001, in Sonapur 2003 and in Assam Natya Sanmillan Nolbari Adhibekhan in the same year. Her work '' Dhruvaswamini'' and'' National Theatre Festival in 2000, 2002,2003 respectively. Apart from that her different works are presented in various other theatre festivals like Sangeet Natak theatre festival, Sibsagar, Corus Multi lingual theatre festival Nisheli''(from nagaland) and Gaantha-the 1st text are also invited and presented in, Ahmadabad, North -east cultural events, pragati maidan, New Delhi, N. Phani Sharma nat festival in Guwahati & Dibrugarh e.t.c.
Designing for Stage
Costumes designing for the play Khul Ja Jim Sim directed by B.V.Karanth theatre in education company of N.S.D.Costumes designing for the play Tulsi Tulsi directed by Abdul Latif Khatana for theatre in Education Company of N.S.D.
Costumes designing for the play Shakespearefs Macbeth directed by John Russell Brown for N.S.D. third year students.
Teaching and Training for national school of drama
Taught concept of design, scenic design, production process and acting extensively in Mizoram, Himachal Pradesh , Arunachal Pradesh , Nagaland and Assam .

Nisheli – a full length play in Nagaland.
Initiated a Theatre workshop,conducted the workshop & designed and directed play based on a Sema Naga folk story in Nagamese language in 1999-2000 for the first time.
Literary works

Translation of plays from English to Assamese:
Herold Pinter's- The Dumb Waiter,(Published in sadin magazine in 2000)
J.M. Synge's- The Riders to the Sea, (staged)
Marguerite Duras's -La Musica (staged)

Translation of short stories from Hindi to Assamese
Normal Varmafs -Dhup ka aak Tukra
Phanishar Nath -Renufs jis desh mai jis Bhesh Mai (staged)
Contributes articles in
Ajir Assam Magazine and Sadin- a weekly newspaper (2003).
Felicitated by the dept. of Culture for 2 years to her study of Rare Art Forms of ethnic minority groups of Assam in 1999-2000.
Seminars & Conferences
Invited and presented a paper in the International Ibsen conference holds at Dhaka, Bangladesh nov. 2002 e the relevance of a Dollfs House--Translation and Adaptation.
Participated and presented a lecture cum demonstration of her works in 'Purva'- an Asian Women Theatre Director's Conference hold at New Delhi in Jan.2003.
Visited japan for a japan foundation project for studying Japanese performing arts and later
Worked as an Indian technician in an Indo- Japan collaboration programme, and Japan foundation resulting in a play production called 'Miwa' staged in Tokyo, Japan (1999).
Participated in 27th Indian Folklore Conference holds at Guwahati University, 2005 January.
Social devlopmantal works
Worked with the women and children of Jomuna puspa slam area, Delhi for devoloping interest in health care and literacy (1998)
Worked with Nest (npo) for devlopment of awarness about Panchayati Raj system in village areas of Assam (2002).
Directed street plays for the same Purpose in 3 districts ( Jorhat, N. Lakhimpur& Golaghat ).
Done more then 50 shows each (2003 .2004, 2005).
Worked with Rajiv Gandhi foundation with their supported children. (2004& 2005)
Documentaries -Banar Jivan (Life in forest)
Scripted and Directed A 2 episode film on environment protection, nature and forest gourdfs life for Guwahati D.D.K (2003)
Script writing written a script for a trainee film for ministry of h.r.d.Written script for Documentary films on the subjects of Mising communities of Assam, karbi Tribe of Assam, Indian Folk Theatre of Assam.

Ah Lai, full name is Lai Fang-yu
Ah LaiBbs work is cross-disciplines. She collaborates with various artist of visual and sound making, lighting effects to perform. She is a lecturer in faculty of arts, in Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan. She teaches the physical improvisation and art of structuring@performances. Ah Lai obtained Master Degree of Fine Arts in Texas, specialized in dance education. She has her dance troupe, called: Green Seeds Dance Space. She has long history of physical performing experiences and being a director as well.
from Hong Kong
Chan Wai Fat  He is an experimental musician from Hong Kong. Chan graduated in ethnomusicology from Hong Kong University. He did music works for dance and theatre; recently he is doing physical performances.
Nelson Hiu
He is Hawaiian an experimental musician bases in Hong Kong. He works for Hong Kong City Dance Company as a musician over a decade. Nelson studied ethnomusicology in Hawaii University. He did music for Unbearable Dream for the past performances.
from Tokyo
Hanasaki Setsu She is a well-experienced theatre artist and lecturer in theatre studies in Japan. She conducts many theatre workshops. Some of which are concerned of social issues, like minority rights and the disables. She is also a member of the festival organizer.
@ @ @
Nakajima Akihiro He is a member of DA.M theatre, a physical theatre in Tokyo. He is seasoned in overseas performing. His company toured Indonesia, Kyrgyz Republic and Taiwan.
Hijiri Yaegashi She is physical performer, a member of DA.M theatre, in Tokyo, seasoned in overseas@touring in countries like France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kyrgyz and Taiwan.
Ohashi Hirohi He is the artistic director of DA.M theatre company, also the organizer of the festival. He manages an alternative theatre venue, the Proto Theatre, in an university area of Tokyo. That avenue is historical of alternative theatre movement in Tokyo since 1970s. Ohashi is one of the veterans from that movement.

In 1986, after eight years of organizing a theater, director Hiroshi Ohashi along with some actors of this group established Theater D-AM. The name DA-M has no particular meaning but it is an unknown code for the audience and the performers. It is the motivation of DA-M to ask what DA-M is. DA-M acquired the theater space gProto-Theaterh and organizes body/mind training year round. They are energetically creating experimental work in collaborating with artists of diverse disciplines throughout the world. They consistently refuse to enact an existing text and create a stage experience that reaches beyond the limits of language. Their works are composed with fragmented movement, voices and words made by the body in the here and now.
Proto-Theater has been utilized for various workshops and solo and collaborative performances, and its creative environment has also contributed to interactivity between unknown art fields. Since 1995 DA-M began to perform outside of Proto-Theater in various theater spaces and at international theater festivals. Through deepening their method of improvisational body movement, they create stages filled with uncertain life that exists beyond meaning and that does not belong to the consumer system of the big city. Critics have praised their theatrical creativity that moves towards the unknown while mixing the primitive with the modern. As a major participant of the Asia Meets Asia International Theater Festival since 1997, DA-M has contributed to the developing interactivity between Asian theaters.

1986 gHARE HORE FURARAh at TOGA International Theater Festival.
1986 gSanctuary,h Japanese and American co-production.
1989–1992 gCompositionh Vol. 1 – 12.
1992– 1995 gExperimental Theater Seriesh Vol. 1 – 22.
1994–1995 gDreamsh Vol. 1 – 3.
1995 gThat is not my dreamh at Sendai Theater Festival.
1996 gLesson – My portrait that is framed by the dreamh
1997 gwalkingh at Avignon Theater Festival Off.
1998 gDaydream Horizon Impro.h at Asia Meets Asia 1998.
1999 gIl Vulcanoh
gUnbearable Dream,h co-production with Hong Kong theater
2001 gWhen we stop eating tomatoesh at Asia Meets Asia .
gWhen we stop eating tomatoeshversion3 at Kampnagel, Humburg. Laokoon Summer Festival
2003 gUnbearable DreamQh co-production with Hong Kong-based heater and Taipei-based theater, in Tokyo & Taipei.
2004 garukuh at Arts Festival gPeace and Respecth in Kyrgiz.@
2004 garukuh at Art Summit Indonesia in Indonesia.@

Photos :http://homepage3.nifty.com/da-m/album.htm

King C. Lok He is Tokyo based international performing artist from Hong Kong, and an international festival organizer. He is responsible for facilitating cyber exchanges of artistic concepts and idea for this production, among participating artists before arrivals in Tokyo.