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Promoting cultural exchange through performing arts across Asia

Initiated in 1997, Asia meets Asia began with actors mainly from Tokyo and Hong Kong with the aim of evolving artistic cultural exchange and the permeating of different cultures across Asia to encourage mutual understanding.

 So far, together with participants from 17 Asian Regions, we have organized 6 festivals involving performances, symposia and workshops; whilst introducing contemporary Asian Performing Arts, to which we Japanese are rarely exposed, realistic artistic cultural exchange between Asian actors has been realized. These encounters have resulted in the frequent performance of collaborative pieces beyond borders, and the fostering of relations of mutual trust.

 Having begun in three cities in East Asia, as we move forward with these activities we are seeking new participating countries; having moved through Central & Southwest Asia, we finally reached West Asia in 2010.  During these years, there has been a radical shift in the situation in Asia, and the activities of Asia meets Asia where encounters between people beyond ethnicity, religion and culture are made possible have been hugely supported by all of you from various sectors with the expectation of further development.

 With the experiences gained so far, Asia meets Asia has now newly re-established itself as an NPO (Specified Non-profit Organisation)

Even in the 21st century, huge poverty and civil conflicts are still prominent in Asia.

We are hoping that future artistic cultural exchange will bring as many smiles as possible to this land, and will richly cultivate the diversified cultural provinces of Asia to contribute to coexistence and peace.

Asia meets Asia is now planning to initiate the following activities.

And for this, we would like to ask for your further interest, understanding and support.

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以来、東京を中心に6回のフェスティバルを開催。毎回アジアからの新たな参加者とともに、共に滞在し、公演、シンポジウム、ワークショップを行い、お互いに見合い、意見を交わし、日頃触れる機会の少ないアジア現代舞台人たちとの等身大の相互交流活動を展開。また、そこでの出合いをもとに国際共同創作公演<Unbearable Dreams1-8>を継続し、言語を超えた独自の舞台地平を開拓してきた。



21世紀、アジアは今なお、 多くの貧困と内部対立を抱えている。これからの舞台芸術交流 が、この地に人間相互の理解をもたらすとともに、多様な文化土壌を豊かに掘り起こし共生と平和への一助になることを切に願う。




 1)  知る アジア各地での<アジア・ミーツ・アジア>の開催


 2) 共同する コラボレーション作業の継続と、アジアから世界へ向けた作品創作


3) 開く 〜子供たちの絵や音楽の参加


 4) 伝える 国内外の文化施設への舞台作品や劇団の紹介


 5) 集う 〜アジア各地での<拠点劇場>の設立


文化交流活動が、専門家や関係者だけに止まらずに各地にて裾野が広がっていきますよう、人々の“草の根交流”の 拠点になる施設とそのネットワークを構築します。